Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jazz comes to Fancy Gap

Something different happened last night at Crocketts Country Store, we had a few of the local Jazz musicians set up on our porch and played for a few hours. HL3B2666

Tom Bell (bass player) had an idea of gathering local jazz musicians to set up and play some jazz, introducing the local and visiting people to the jazz style of music here in an area known for its bluegrass music.


The turnout was good, with a couple of keyboard players, guitar player, 3 different drummers, and of course, Tom playing his bass.


And yes the guitar player does look a lot like Eric Clapton, needless to say Eric didn’t show.


They are planning on playing on the 2nd Saturday of each month. If your in the area and want to listen to some excellent jazz, the come on down and bring your lawn chairs. You won’t be disappointed. Even though, they have never played or practiced together, they still produced a great sound.


Tom was even able to talk me into playing a couple of songs, of course I haven’t played any jazz in over 35 years, with my rock background, I did struggle a little. While the music was playing, Betty was busy inside redoing displays for all the new stock we  have brought into the store, not to mention building displays with the 295 apple crates she just purchased.

We did a backstage kinda video of some of the performers that can be seen here for the jazz... We hope you all enjoy, and be sure to come in and check things out.


Tom said...

Dan & Betty
Thanks so much for the use of your "Swingin' Porch".

Jazz was the first child of European traditional folk music call "Old Time Music" Jazz was born in the late 1890's and is a fusion of "old Time Music" with African rhythms and sounds.

"Old Time Music's" second child is Country and Western which came about in the late 1920's and which is an overlay of Old time music on to the template of the western cow boys lifestyle image.

Then in the late 1940's a grandchild of old time music was born and named "Blue Grass", which fuses County and Western with Jazz.

Each person with a musical skill set focuses on a given form of music and it is my objective to provide an outlet for those of us focused on Jazz.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Ooh, I really liked the drummer! LOL