Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adding More Stock

Well, we have been very busy this past few weeks, with all the new stock coming in, and getting stock moved over from Wytheville, we haven’t really had the time to blog. Now we need to update everyone on what is happening at Crocketts Country Store.

We knew we would have to build new displays for all of what’s coming in, and was lucky enough to get our hands on 295 apple crates in excellent shape. Let the fun begin.


We have started with doing a display in front of the counter using 100 crates, and it has taken us days to set this up. So far, so good.HL3B2669

By adding the new display, we are able to free up some room, in which we can build more displays, allowing us better use of our space for more stock.


It has changed the look of the store, but it is also helping to make the store look more spacious. Will leave with just a few more shots, and back to work. We will keep everyone updated on our progress, and show photos when we’re finished, if that is ever possible to be finished..




Judy said...

Betty the shop looks so very wonderful!!!! Keep up the great work. Back to work for me too!
Many Blessings~Judy

Shari said...

Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see all the new goodies!


Gen said...

Looks like you've been working hard everything looks great :)

Karen said...

Your store is coming along beautifully and those crates are just perfect - it lets you use space that otherwise would be just air between tables/displays...great find.