Sunday, June 14, 2009

Buffalo Bill visits KOA Campground, Fancy Gap, Va.



It was our pleasure, this weekend to meet and talk with "Buffalo Bill" Leighton, and his wonderful wife "Dr. Gail". They were guests at the KOA Campgrounds here in Fancy Gap, Va. putting on a very interesting show for all the folks in this area.


After everyone had chili and hot dogs, Buffalo Bill started his evening with telling tales of the "Spirits of the Old West". His first act of the show was showing everyone the knifes used and how they were properly thrown. He even did a Speed Throwing show, where he threw and stuck 22 knifes in 30 seconds. I was very impressed with his ability at handling knives and hatchets.


The next part of the show, after explaining firearm safety to kids old and young, was his fast draw abilities. I must say, if Bill is not the fastest, he IS among the fastest in the world. He is the Cowboy Quickdraw World Champion of 2006. On one of his quick draws, he explained how to fire off 2 shots, and believe me, he was so fast, the 2 shots fired, looked like only 1 shot. He explained doing this, he has to wear a leather glove, because he uses his thumb for the first shot, then his little finger for the second shot. Without the glove, it cuts his little finger to pieces.   


After the gun show, Buffalo Bill moved on captivating the audience with his special gift of handling many different Bull Whips. As shown in the photo above, he is able to cut the rose in Dr. Gail's hand with the quick crack of the whip. I would not have stood there holding the rose. I would have volunteered Betty for that job. Then he moved on to show cutting a rose off its stem while he held the rose over HIS head.


He finished the evening with a special photo session posing with the kids that watched and were amazed with his special show. He even brought back the child in me just watching and listening to him. After that was over, I was able to take the first photo in this blog of him, just for me. Betty and I then visited with Buffalo Bill, and Dr. Gale for the rest of the evening. We have now gained a very special friendship with these two very special people, and can't wait to visit them again at their home.

Not only is "Buffalo Bill" a teller of tall tales, showman, horsemen, rifleman, and among other things, but Bill is a graduate of the school of the Fast Gun, instructor in fire arms safety: rifle, shotgun & pistol. Instructor with whips, bull whips, Australian stock ships. Stage combat swordsman, and also Master Scuba Diver. He also served in the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and is a retired Deputy Fire Chief.

If any of you ever get the chance to see and meet Buffalo Bill, I strongly suggest you do so. I guarantee when you do, you will have a friend for life. 


Bill said...

....and we knew them before they were famous. Very nice folks.

Barb said...

Hi Folks, Buddy sent this to me. Looks like you two have lots of fun and travel. I bet the kids love ya, let along the grownups. Keep on keeping on it sure does look like a blast! barb leeson

ctlogcabin said...

Congratulations on your new location, Best of Luck !!
Love your Old Timey Photos...if we are ever in the area...we will for certain stop in.

BBillL said...

We had a wonderful time, met some great people.