Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Tools for Measuring and Mixing

I was cleaning out some cabinets today and run across this old cookbook and I do mean old.
It is so old it is crumbling.
The name of the cookbook is "General Foods Cooking School on the Air". Frances Lee Barton broadcasts the General Foods Cooking School of the Air from the General Foods Radio Kitchen at 250 Park Avenue, New York, NY.
Looks like this book is from 1933 since you could enroll in this school for 25 cents, that was for classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you would receive bulletins from January 1 through June 30. You also received a convenient and attractive ring binder in which to keep the bulletin sheets in.
I just had to share a few of the things that it teaches. One of the things that she teaches is having the proper tools for measuring and mixing, and here is the list she suggest
1. Measuring Cup
2. Measuring Spoons
3. Nest of Earthenware Bowls of various sizes
4. Egg Beaters { Rotary Egg Beaters and Wire Wisk
5. Thermometers {Oven and Candy Thermometers}
6. Sifter- that can be held and sifted with the same hand
7. Pastry Blender
8. Biscuit and Cooky{spelling in the book} Cutter
9. Bread Board
10. Rolling Pin
11. Wooden Spoon
12. Metal Tablespoon
13. Rubber Scrapper
14. Scissors
15. Cake Tester
16. Pastry Brush
17. Paring Knife
18. Spatulas
Lots of these items come in the Swans Down Cake Set
You know thinking about this as I was typing it, made me think of something real neat, these items would make a great gift for a housewarming showeror for a bride or for someone moving into a new house that couldn't get their things unpacked in time. What a great gift basket idea.
Our next blog will be "Measuring for Success" since its about time for graduations.

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