Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Family Gathering

All families should get together at least once a year, and as usual we gathered at my sister-in-laws. She has the biggest family and since we lost one of my twin brothers we feel closer being at this home where he always was. It was very hard going back knowing he is not there anymore, but each time my twin brother and I go, it gets a little easier.
Of course I had to go and show myself, thinking I am a teenager again, I was playing badmitten and chasing the birdie in which my top was moving faster than the bottom of me, so I run the biggest thing about me{nose} in the ground. Scared Dan to death and everyone run to pick the grass out of my teeth.
We all had so much fun and celebrated my Twin brothers birthday.
Hope you enjoy all the pictures of the family laughing and having a great time
Please click on the link below to enjoy the pictures.

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