Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Christmas Open House
We had a Great Christmas Open House with everyone shopping and having a good ole time. Lots of merchandise flew out the door, some of it we can't get again, so you may be one of those people getting a "Special Gift" from Crocketts Country Store"
We have got more new stock in this week on different merchandise, so come in and check it out.
A lot of companies is going out of business at the end of this year and some of them are already gone, so some of our merchandise you will never see again, GONE!!!! So if you are lucky enough to get some of it before its gone, count yourself  Blessed !! Also starting the beginning of the year UPS gets another rate increase of 5% , so you know what that means to all of us, HIGHER PRICES!!!!
We are going to be taking all of our borders off of our website starting the beginning of the year, so if you see some that you are interested in, you better get them now!!! A lot of the wallpaper companies has went out of business or sold out and the prices is getting so high that we can't resale the merchandise. We will be keeping all the border and wallpapers in stock in the store but not on the Internet at the present time, that we can keep at a reasonable price. We are all about keeping our prices low and its getting harder and harder to do. Most all of our Canisters sets is 1/2 off right now and those we won't be able to get again, they have been discontinued!!!!! Check them out on the web and also in the store.
We could not get the Primitive Christmas trees this year, the companies could not get them, so what we have is all we can get and won't be getting anymore. We have lots of new handmade ornaments, so get them while they last, and last but not least