Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Open House

3 More days to go and then the BIG DAY is here!!! Everyone has been been putting in long hours and working their fingers to the bone. Dan got all the lights put on the bushes and the columns wrapped in Greenery outside today while Little Betty Bell worked on all the Christmas Trees inside and she is still putting out all the new merchandise inside. We have one more load coming in and a BIG load of Handmades to pick up on Thursday. Wait till you see the new Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus, YOU ARE GOIING TO LOVE THEM!!!!!! We also have some handmade snowmen and Red Cardinals with Wytheville, Va on them. We have Va Tech ornaments also. We have got you covered!!!!
Oh I almost forgot about the Handmade Gingerbread ornaments and cookies.
We also will be engraving Christmas Tree Ornaments this year, so get yours early (Limited Supply)
We will be giving away gifts until they are all gone on Saturday, we'll be waiting and watching for you, get here early.
Can't wait to see everyone!!! Its so good to be back in Wytheville for Christmas.
Refreshments and Warm Spiced Apple Cider will be served.