Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Count Down Begins

Time is coming too fast and yet to much left to do. Betty ended back up in the ER last night, the Doctor called her and told her that her White Blood Count was going back up and she needed to find out why. She has a abscessed tooth and was taking antibotics that was not working, she has been in a lot of pain this week, so off to the ER she goes again!!!! This time they changed her antibotics and this morning it seems she is starting to feel better, so what can happen next??? Today we will work on getting more of the store straightened up and more new products put out. Can't wait to see how happy all of our customers is going to be!!!!
Tomorrow it will be loading the last of whats left in Fancy Gap and cleaning up the building for the new owners. Part of it will have to go in Storage and the other part in the store.
We sure hope all of our customers buy BIG at the GRAND Opening on August 7th because we still have a lot of product to put out but no where to put it. We will keep you posted this week and a mailing is in the works if you are on our Snail Mail List, if not please follow our BLOG and FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK, we keep everyone updated in those 2 areas.

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