Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something for the Men

We know how hard it is for the ladies to shop with their husbands with them, how they feel rushed and not getting to see every item Crocketts Country Store has to offer to them. So a couple of months ago, we started asking the husbands what they would like us to stock for them. The most answered was the camo gear for hunting and camping along with their 4-wheelin activities.

So here is what is new for the “Men” at Crocketts Country Store. We have added a Military/Hunting line just for them.


We are now stocking Milspec clothing, Gortex boots, both the Alice and Mollie backpack systems with all the attachments one could add, Load Bearing Vests and belts with cooking, water systems,  and even complete tent systems, for the father and son weekend camping and hunting.



One of the most asked for, was anything with Gortex, we have ordered many items with Gortex. We have also ordered US Government Spec Polypropylene, the proven protection against the elements. Polypro has been one of the most popular cold weather insulators for many years. Military, law enforcement personnel and active outdoorsmen, all of whom need to protect themselves from frigid conditions, sing the praises of polypro’s warming properties. These garments are constructed from 10oz. heavy expedition weight material in the classic US Government issue design that is proven to keep the user warm even in the most extreme winter conditions.



We also supply the Camelback Hydration System for the hiker, biker, hunter, or even the person walking/jogging for exercise. These systems are a 3 L bladder with hose so you don’t have to stop to replenish the fluids your body so needs. The camelback fits you like a backpack for ease of carrying. Anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors, this is a must for you.


We carry all the camo designs from woodland, desert, to the newest digital camo, while some will be used surplus, many of the newer designs are new and non-issued, plus you have the authentic garments, from Boonie hats, shirts, pants, to field jackets.


So don’t worry about shopping with your husbands anymore ladies, you might find he will not be ready to leave when you are……..

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Shari said...

What a fabulous idea!! Finally, something for the men folk to shop for....

Hope the weather is better for y'all this week!