Monday, February 15, 2010

Enough of the Snow Already……..

Well, let me start out by saying, “WE ARE SICK OF SNOW”!!!!!!!  We here at Crocketts Country Store, have been pounded with snow seems like on a daily basis. Starts out rain, turning to snow, then rain on top of the 18”. Then few days later, more snow, with 50 mph winds gusting to 70+ knocking out power for 2 days, and now again this morning more snow. When will it ever end????

With everyone still snowed in, and road crews trying to keep roads open, we have received new stock, and are busy redecorating store, and adding new stock to web site.


This is our newest line, that covers your bedding and dining linens, they have some very nice spring colors.



Betty has been very busy painting items to match the new colors on this line for some excellent accessories.



Hopefully, if the snow ever melts before the 4th of July, everyone can come in to check them out. If your planning your summer vacation, don’t forget this year is the Blue Ridge Parkways 75th Anniversary, and they have some very exciting events planned for this event. 

We would also like to announce, that Jim and Arlene Goulet, producers of the BRP DVD will return this spring to spend a couple of days with us promoting their Top Selling DVD on the complete Blue Ridge Parkway Tour. So don’t forget to come and celebrate the Parkway’s 75th Birthday with them during the weekend. We will let every one know the exact date later, as soon as Jim and Arlene can get it scheduled.

For those of you who can’t travel to the store to see the new lines in the store now, be sure to check them out on the web site while supplies last.

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