Friday, March 6, 2009

What's New at CCS

We are welcoming the warm weather we have had for the last couple of days, really glad to see it here.

We have 2 new items to update everyone about. First, we have had so many calls from the web site, people not wanting to check out with PayPal, that for the last couple weeks we have been working on getting our web site to accept all major credit cards. Well, as of yesterday evening we are now set up in the check-out cart to accept all major credit cards, making it easier for those who prefer not to use PayPal.

Second, we have had so many asking for the next video of Betty showing you ways of decorating, that we just released the second one this morning. There are still 2 left in the series we did last Sunday, and we plan on filming more this coming Sunday.

We would like to have some input from all of you, as to what decorating tips you would like to see. We will gather all the information that you send us, and film the ideas you want to see.

Ending it up today, you can check out the second film  right here.


As we said before, leave us a comment as to what  decorating tips you would like to see in the country or primitive home decor. We will be waiting to hear from you.....




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