Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it Really Spring?

That is the question here. Two weekends ago, had snow and cold winds, last weekend 70-80 temps, now seems they are calling for rain and snow in the next couple days. What gives with these weather changes?  Everyone here is sick with colds and the crud, sore throats, coughing, sneezing my head off, and freezing cold shivers.

Just when you think its time to start doing your outdoor work, more rain and snow. We are really tired of it, cabin fever is getting the best of us.

Not much for new news here, our web site is now updated and accepting credit cards along with pay pal. Getting ready for a video, Betty will be doing a all out Easter video for all of you. I know you can't wait for that. Seems that she is really getting into this video thing. Now that she is a "Movie Star", she thinks she needs to be treated like one......

We just released another video on decorating your table in the lodge look. We hope it gives some of you wanting to decorate in lodge some ideas. That video can be viewed here.

We have 2 videos left from this series to upload, and we will be doing that in the next couple of days. In our second series of videos, we are converting to HD for all of you. With our old outdated computers editing HD videos takes a very long time to do, so bear with us.

Also, would like to remind everyone to be sure to check out the Easter Special we have going on at our web site. It will last until Easter, so you won't want to miss out on that. Betty has be sending out some really nice items as your free gift.  And you can only get your free gift by shopping at........

Crocketts Country Store.

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Karen said...

Another great Video!
Your presentations are wonderful....seriously - you do a great job.