Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good to be Back Home

As  you all know, we left last Wed. evening after work to head down to Orlando. We rode along with some friends of ours, who hauled a U-Haul trailer down for friends of theirs, who were moving back to Virginia. It was my first time ever going to Florida, and I hate to say, I wasn't impressed. It was good to get away for a few days, but it just reminded me to much of Australia.


We were able to go to the ocean a couple of days, and hit a big Flea Market one day, but it was nasty. Of course we understand they had bike week earlier, and we were just south of Daytona Beach, but the motel we were at was terrible. Rooms were so nasty, we had to call maids to come and re-clean both of the rooms we had.

Then came the exciting part. On our second day their, they had a wild fire, that covered 800 acres, with the wind driving it right to us. We came back from the beach that afternoon to find State Troopers, Police, and many Fire trucks parked at the entrance to our motel. With so much smoke in the air, you couldn't see, or breath. Then we witnessed the arrival of 3 different television stations, to cover the event. And No, they wouldn't let Betty be on TV.


This shot was taken the following morning just after sunrise. There was no wind, but the forecast was for the wind to pick back up later in the day. Upon arriving back to our motel on Saturday evening, the fire department was not allowing anyone to park around the motel, just in the front next to the entrance to the motel. The wild fire was within a 1/2 mile from us, and they warned us that they might have to evacuate the whole motel later that night. We were glad that they didn't, and we checked out the following day, to spend Sunday night in South Carolina.


I was able to get lots of shots, and Betty enjoyed shopping, along with taking some videos. When all the processing is complete we will post some more for everyone to see. As the old saying goes,"Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live their". It may have been in the 60's and 70's, but with the winds blowing off the ocean, Betty like to froze to death. It was nice returning home (back to where it was warm).



Karen said...

Well hi there and glad you are back posting too!

Well even though you had a rough time of it you sure got some wonderful pictures and you just can't beat that kind of excitement! lol

Hugs, Karen

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hi there-sorry to hear your trip to Florida was awful. It's funny, we love going and can't wait every year for our beach trip, but location is EVERYTHING. Daytona, not the best part. We head to the beaches of Destin and Panama City and they are beautiful. I hope you weren't too disappointed to try again sometime. We are mesmerized by the ocean, and just can't get enough! Happy weekend...