Wednesday, October 22, 2014

THANK GOD my helper is back from Nebraska!!!!
Boy have we missed her, she had to go back for another chemo treatment, nothing gets her down.
She is like the Energizer Bunny, she never slows down and we don't know what we would do without her at this difficult time.
Many of you know that we sold the store building but 7 days before closing, the buyer decided he didn't want it anymore. We had our GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE and sold everything at 1/5 the cost and sold all of our furniture, so we have nothing to sit anything on and no money to buy anything since we closed the doors the 28 of August, and have not had any income since. 
We was too close on the building the 7th of September. The buyer told us on Friday that everything still look good and he would give us 2 extra weeks to get out, which we wasn't going to need since we already had boxed up over 500 boxes and had 6 storage buildings full., so on Monday morning we sawed up our counter and took it to the dump , and later on Monday he went in and told the Realtors that he wasn't interested in the store any longer.
So to make a long story short, all the stuff has to be moved back to the store building, and we are trying to sell on Ebay to pay the bills until further notice. We had made a offer on a house and was to close the same day. So all of our furniture is sitting in front of the stock that was left from the store, so all of that has to be unpacked and carried back up 2 flights of steps. We have all worked ourselves to death to try to keep our heads above water and trying to keep things listed on Ebay at the same time. All this started on July 12 and nothing is final as of yet.
Court date is the 3rd of November and we need all the prayers we can get, plus strength to get all this done.
I have been in the hospital also with my heart from the stress and I am still dealing with infusions in Roanoke for the RA. They say God will not put anymore on us than we can handle, he sure does trust us a lot.
You can buy from us here on EBAY 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 HOURS A DAY.
We are just Happy to be alive and able to get up every morning to see a new day.
Just click on the link below.