Sunday, April 14, 2013

It is such a beautiful day out today and we are busy working on the website. The sun is shinning so bright but the wind is terrible. Looks like we are going to have some beautiful weather this week, maybe Spring is finally here. Dreading the blazing hot temperatures but  love the warmth and all the beauty it brings. The grass is starting to get so pretty and green. We have already had to mow once, so I guess mowing season is here.

 We cannot wait until all of our customers are out and about, its been a long winter and we have missed them so much. Time for the tourist to start moving again also, its so much fun seeing all of our regulars again. We have made friends with so many of out tourist and look forward to seeing them every year, some at race time and some on their way home back up north, and so many of them meet here in Wytheville since its the 1/2 way mark for them from the south and from the north.

We have added so many new things to the website and working on adding more, it seems its never ending. I wish we had everything on the website and maybe one day we will. Seems its really hard to keep up with what sells in the store and remove it from the website. Plus we also have a Face book page that we would love for you to like, please check the like button.

We would like to share a few things we have added to the website for your shopping.
Please click here

Hope see you again soon and please hurry back