Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Morning

Where has this year gone too, was it really been February when I done my last Blog???
There has been so much going on in and around Wytheville, we are getting all new water lines and Main Street has been a mess, no parking, dust and dirt. Well its almost over and things can resume to normal again.
We have lot of new items coming in and we decided to celebrate Christmas all of November and December with a huge 1/2 off sale on all Christmas Decor. We are putting out new every week, so you have something new to come in for and check out. The Trees are going fast and we won't have time to get any more in here for Christmas.
We offer Great Christmas gifts like Lotions, and soaps at 1/2 off also. Our tart warmers are on sale for $19.99 regular $24.99 plus you get a FREE tart to go with them. Be sure and check our website out also Crocketts Country Store.
We are happy to gift bag an gift over $20.00, just be sure and tell us. We cant wait to see all of our customers that has been so busy all summer with vacations and ball games and etc. We missed all of you and we are getting homesick to see you all again.
Please join us on Facebook, where you can see all the new things coming in that never hit our website.Crocketts Country Store