Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornado Season Alive and Killing

With the last week of the biggest and most deadly Tornade break out in history, not to mention that May is the month for the most tornado activity of the year, we will try to help everyone with being prepared for the worst. FEMA, The Red Cross, and the Department of Homeland Security have for the last couple of months been trying to inform people to put together a "72 HOUR EMERGENCY KIT" for each family member in your household. In this article, we will try to help you with items you will need for this kit.

The first item needed is a bag, or backpack for all the items needed for your 72 hour emergency kit. It doesn't matter type of bag as long as it is big enough for the person to carry with all the items needed to get them through 72 hours of being without the things you are use to having like electricty, running water, and all the rest of the everyday comforts you and your family are use to.
A person needs 3 things to survive. 1. Water... Fema states that each person in a household will need 1 Gallon each for each day. Water weighs 8.8 lbs. per gallon, so it gets very heavy if you have to be on the move. If you have an available water source, you will still want to make sure it is safe to drink. You have different ways to purify water, wether it be boiling, chlorine, filter system, or purification tablets.

With boiling you will need a fire, a way to make fire, or a small light stove with tablets, as shown above. If you live in an area with plenty of trees and wood, then you will want in your pack, a small and light weight campers saw, also a fixed blade knife that can be used for spliting the wood you sawed for getting a self sustained fire for boiling your water, and cooking your food.

You will also need matches, or lighter, or flint striker of some kind to get the fire started. It is best to pack all 3 of these items along with cottonballs soaked in petroleum jelly, this will burn for some time letting you get your fire started faster whether it is raining, snowing, or a sunny day.

Next #2 you need food to survive. There are so many choices here that anything will work, but, you must keep in mind the weight of your emergency kit. Freezedried, dehydrated, Mountain House, or MRE (meals ready to eat) are the best. Prepackaged, and weigh very little, many can be packed in your kit and not even feel the weight of them.

#3 is shelter. You have to have shelter to survive, keeping your body out of the elements like rain or snow. This can be something as simple as a tent. I do stress that if you go this route, tents are heavy, and get heavier the bigger they are. With a family of 4-5 it takes a big tent which is heavy. I recommend that you split the tent pack among different people in your family, like having one carry the poles, another carry the tent fly, and another carry the tent itself. It will spread the weight out and not make a burden for one to carry.

More important items that is a must in every 72 hour emergency kit, #1 being a Medical kit, consisting of any item you feel will be needed for you and your family. Basic FirstAid kits can be purchased anywhere, and are complete with the basic items needed. Also, another important point, if you are trapped under debris, or lost, have a whistle with you in your kit. They are a life saver, if you could barely speak, you can still be heard for a 100 yards by blowing a whistle.

Another item that I urge you to keep in your kit would be a good compass and a map of your area. GPS systems are good, but, if you don't have batterys or signal is lost, then you will be lost also.

I would also recomend extra socks and underware in your kits, along with hygene items. Nothing can refresh your mind and spirit better then being able to wash and have a clean set of clothes to wear. Remember, you might only have a couple of minutes warning during the middle of the night, so it is BEST to keep your 72 hour emergency kit packed and close to where you can grab them in a little notice and go. Your life and the life of your family members depend on this. Always prepare for the worst, and pray for the best. One last note, I would put all important documents on a zip drive and keep that in your kit also. If a tornado hits in your area, you will need info showing that you live in that neighborhood so they will allow you in to check on your home and belongings.

We here at Crocketts Country Store do pray for the safety of each and everyone of you, and hope this will help in giving you some idea on what the basics of the 72 Hour Emergency Kit is. If you have any questions just contact us and we will try to answer all of your questions. Our web site and store sell every item needed for emergency kits, so if your looking for a item to add to yours, check us out...