Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Momma’s old wood cook stove

Momma’s old wood cook stove –

I remember it yet,

All the goodies Momma cooked,

How can we forget?

For her to fix meals was always a pleasure.

My memories of Mother are always a treasure.

That old stove cooked three meals a day

Light bread on Fridays, cakes and pies

For the holidays.

Cooked hams, turkeys, and chickens with delight;

Many times used for canning till late at night.

The old stove heated the kitchen

On cold winter days.

It serves us so well in so many ways.

When we kids got home from school,

We always went looking

Straight to that old stove to see what was cooking.

An old iron pot that cooked the meat

Sat on the old stove, always cooking a treat.

Aromas of corn bread from the oven

You could smell ….

For us hungry kids, it sure cast a spell.

As my mind takes me back to the Good Old Days,

Our lives were so simple in so many ways,

But picture my mother in an apron if you could,

Standing by her old cook stove

With a bin full of wood.
By Karen Bay