Saturday, September 25, 2010


We was busy all day with tons of people shopping and eating. Everyone was having a great time. We had 20% OFF of all FALL items. The customers loved the Spiced Apple Cider and we sold tons of it. People was happy and ready for the fall season and some cool weather. I love it when people are happy!!! We had to stay open a hour later so everyone could get their shopping finished.
Now we can't wait till Christmas Open House!!!! NOVEMBER 13, thats just around the corner.
We will start putting out lots of new products this week for Christmas giving, we have no choice our stock room is running over and there is more to come!!!! WOW what a Christmas it will be. We got in tons of Homespun Material in different colors this week and lots of lodge items not to mention all the Treenware. We are going to have so many nice gifts at affordable prices, you are not going to believe it, so let the shopping begin!!!! We have lots of gifts for $10.00 - $20.00
We have several new lines of jewelry on the way, could be here anyday now.
Angels, lots of Angels even lighted angels(Limited Supply) on the lighted ones.
Oh need I forget, our Dog Tag Machine is on the way, so all you Military guys and gals get your Dog Tags here!!!! We will also have the chains and silencers. This is going to be a FUN Christmas and a Busy one too.
We also have a Engraving Machine on the way also, so we can do Pretty little Dog tags for your pets, or any other metal engraving.
Hope to see you soon!!!!!

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