Thursday, August 12, 2010

Country Ruffle Curtains

I got the saddest phone call that I could have ever received from a small business. I have been selling Country Ruffled Curtains for 15 years and they are the top of the line handmade curtains. This small business was started by a mother and daughter, when the mother retired the daughter kept the business going. She has now decided to close the business and take care of her parents and run a dog grooming business. I am so sorry if you wasnt lucky enough to own some of these beautiful handmade curtains. I know a lot of my customers was lucky enough to own some of these curtains and they was always telling me about how long they had them and how they still look new.
No one knows unless you own a business how hard it is to get product anymore, its a long process and most of the time at least a 90 day wait. We have so many business that has closed their doors and it is always sudden so we dont have the chance to stock up, so if you see it, you better get it because it might be your last chance.
Companies are not coming our with a lot of new product, so you may not get that special color you are looking for and may have to settle for 2nd choices. This is just the way things are right now.
We will be picking up a new line of country ruffles if someone is interested in them but as usual we will not carry them in stock, it will be by SPECIAL order only.
We will be getting samples in the next few weeks.
Hope everyone has a blessed day today.

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