Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving a Little at Time

Today everyone is resting and giving their backs a break, its was all heavy items yesterday.Talk about groaning and moaning, I heard a bunch of it. My son and daughter-in-law JW Harrell, Courtney Harrell ,Bill Bane, Dan Boxberger and my grandson AJ all worked their hinneys off yesterday trying to get things moved. Everyone went home tired and hurting. What a way to spend a 4th of July!!!!! :( Now its getting the store all spruced up and ready to start decorating. We still have a bunch of things to move out to make room for all the goodies coming from Fancy Gap. Please check out our website under new merchandise to see whats coming!!!!! Please say a prayer for us us we make this move. Everyone needs strength from God to get it done in this heat. This is a back breaking job, not to mention all the sweat in these 125 degree trailers. Sure wish this could have been done when the weather was cooler, but we have no choice since the building SOLD in Fancy Gap and its going to be so good to get home!!!! :) Please click on Moving a little at a time to get to our website.

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