Friday, July 2, 2010

The Guys has been busy today

Well everyone started out early this morning, loading and unloading. What a day. 3 loads went in storage buildings. One trailer unloaded and ready to get going again. Thanks to my Son, J.W. Harrell and some great friends which includes Bill Bane, Dewey and Frances Richmond, what we would do without friends???? Everyone was really tired and called it night so they can get going again on Sunday. Taking tomorrow off to rest and enjoy family. We have 30 days to vacate the building in Fancy Gap and get it all moved back to Wytheville for a RE-GRAND OPENING. We are so excited to be back home!!!!! We had wanted to move back home but kept turning it over in our minds and praying about it, well God gave us a answer and he made it very clear when the owners of the building come to Dan and said" WE HAVE SOLD THE BUILDING", Dan called and was a nervous wreck and couldn't quit shaking. I said Dan" God answered our prayers, why are you so upset"??? Things have started to calm down now and we hope all of our friends at Fancy Gap will keep shopping with us as we make this move and we can't wait for them to see out BIG Historical House located on 475 Main Street, Wytheville, Va. in the beautiful Historical District, located across from The old LOG HOUSE Restaurant and Farmers Daughter and the Great Quilt Shop that has so many great quilt pieces and more.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I must say Congratulations on being able to go back to your original location....when we first met a couple years ago you were in that location and the store was wonderful...IT WILL BE AGAIN.
Good luck with the move. Everything happens for good reason and this is good!
Happy 4th.


Shari said...

Betty and Dan,
You know I personally hate to see you move further away from me, but I feel this is in the "PLAN". I look forward to seeing the store I have heard such wonderful things about.
Wishing you luck with the new/old venture!! See y'all soon!!
HAPPY 4th of July!!