Sunday, November 29, 2009

Special Gifts for Special People

I was thinking today about gifts for Special people. It takes a little time but when someone is Special to you, you want to give them something Special. Its so easy and takes no time or thought to grab a gift in a big box store like Walmart, or any other big box store. WHY??? Because you are already in there maybe picking up groceries or medicines or other things you need for everyday uses. A Gift takes time to think and time of going to a Special Place that has Special Gifts for Special people. Buy your friends and family a gift that takes a little of your time to purchase. Go to a small business that has Unique and Hand made items that are made here in the USA. Remember for every handmade in the USA item you buy, you put Americans back to work. We are a proud country and not afraid of work, so please do your part and buy from a small business that has taken the time to make it Special. We don't just throw the items on a shelf or in big boxes that has the front cut out of them for you to purchase. We display our items with a lot of careful thinking and a lot of love and time is put into the displays. There is hours of looking over books and meeting with hand crafters and surfing the internet to bring you Special items for Gift giving and decorating your homes. I can tell you that every gift I received from a special place I still cherish to this day because everyone don't have one like it and it took someones time and effort to go out of their way to purchase. We have picked nothing but the best merchandise for your Christmas giving and hope you will take advantage of all the nice items we have in stock for you. Looking forward to seeing you this Christmas Season. Crocketts Country Store 7982 Fancy Gap Hwy Fancy Gap, Va 24328 276-728-4452

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