Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update for our Fall Open House

I was informed yesterday, that the church will  start setting up Friday night and be cooking all night long, also they will be making apple butter on sight in our yard in front of our studio. I told Betty I will spend my money on the B-B-Q sandwiches, I can eat a ton of them.

Betty also informed me that Dee at Fancy Gap Designs, will be serving refreshments all day, so I want everyone to stop by her shop and say Hi, while your in Fancy Gap.

And for the early shoppers, that will not be able to attend our Fall Open House, We started adding our new stuff on to the web site yesterday, and will continue to add more daily. Here’s a sneak peak of the items I have got on.


This apples look good enough to eat.


These are the snowballs Betty worked on all week, their are 6 in each bag, and she inform me these are made with Mica.


And of course what would fall be with out the Pumpkin Spice Pods. Man, do these smell Yummy…


Winter on the Blue Ridge, all done up in jingle bells and ribbon.


Then there are the bags of jingle bells in different sizes. This is just the start, and I have a lot of work to do getting all the new items listed on the web site.

The ones I can’t wait to get into are these little darlings. I just grabbed a couple to tease everyone with, I love shooting angels….


More to come, so stay tuned……..

1 comment:

Shari said...

Love, love, love the apples!!I'm hoping to be there for the Fall Open House!
Outside looks great! When do we get to see pics of inside? I know Betty is working her fanny off to get everything just right!