Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jazz on the Mountain a HUGE Success

For all of you that were here at the second show of “Jazz on the Mountain” you were given a real treat last night. It was a perfect night to sit and listen to some excellent Jazz Music.

There was a couple of musicians from N. C. that showed up for the evening, and we are glad they did. The standup bass player put on a real show, and was smoking hot. I understand that he played rock with electric bass, and self taught himself to play jazz with the up-right. The move to more progressive jazz with a good beat was a real crowd pleaser also.

2 different keyboard players attended the jam session, and both were amazing to listen to. I really hated for the evening to end.

I do hope that they return next month to join in the fun of these sessions.

The first video can be viewed by clicking……HERE.

And the second video can be viewed by clicking……..HERE>

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