Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway DVD now available

Our newest item here at Crocketts Country store is now available for sale on our web site. 


The Blue Ridge Parkway DVD is the first of its kind. This full length DVD of traveling the parkway in Va. and N.C. is available, just in time for the parkway’s 75th Anniversary this coming year. Its not a collection of photographs, this DVD is a motion picture, allowing you to ride along on this scenic tour of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.


With this DVD, you will be allowed to take the beauty of the parkway home with you, to share with your family and friends.


This would also make a great gift idea for the upcoming seasons, so don’t wait to long on this one. Our supplies are limited, and you won’t find another DVD of the Blue Ridge Parkway out there.

The Blue Ridge Parkway DVD can be purchased from our web site, under the New Product Launch category.

We would like to thank Arlene and Jim Goulet, and the production staff at Power 3 Productions for making this DVD possible.

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