Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Changes for 2009

Well, with a new year, new president, its time for new changes here at Crocketts Country Store. We have been very busy completely changing the decorations and rooms in the store. We have added a special sale room, where everything in that room is 50% off. 


Seems like the new color for this year is going to be blue. A lot of customers are asking and loving these colors.


In our redecorating, we have opened the back room up again allowing us to decorate with more tables, allowing everyone to see the different lines for the dining rooms.



As we continue on with our "spring cleaning", we will be keeping everyone informed and updated on all the newest product lines we have. Also, a small note, we have added many new, and very unique items, many there are only 1 available, to our web site. So if you see something  at you better get it, they might not be any others like it available.


Karen said...

Hi Betty....your store looks just so inviting!

I noticed as I have been out in the stores and on websites that the blue is back...

A couple months ago on my website I put on my Prim. Decorating page that the color Blue/Aqua is back for Colonial decorating and sure enough it's out there.

Even at Kohl's today I see their new bedding has lots of the softer more Colonial Blues.


Teresa said...

I love your store!

Lana said...

Everything looks great! I'll mosey on over and check out your shop...

Liz said...

I have given you an award. Read about it at my blog