Sunday, March 30, 2008

Treenware by the Salem Collection/Crocketts Country Store

Add emphasis with color! Color can have a dramatic impact on perception. Not only does color affect our moods, it can also grab our attention like few other elements can. If you have an item you want to show off, emphasize it with color. This TreenwareTM dough bowl complements the natural tones and wood finishes used throughout this living room. In fact, it fits in so well that left empty, it might go un-noticed. When bright red apples are added, the bowl commands attention. The eye naturally goes to the boldest color in the room. The blue cupboard used to display this collection of TreenwareTM accomplishes two goals very well. The blue color grabs attention and provides a backdrop that the TreenwareTM shows up well against. Generally, cool colors like blues and greens tend to recede while warm colors like reds and yellows tend to make objects seem closer. In the case of this blue cupboard, the application of that principle helps the TreenwareTM really stand out. Alternatively, you can use analogous colors to create an overall mood. The colors of this Willow Tree pumpkin and its surroundings are all in the yellow-orange family. These colors create a very warm and cozy atmosphere. While the color scheme is fairly monochromatic, there is plenty of interest because of the variety of textures, shapes and size of the objects used. Pay attention to color. Observe how different colors make you feel. Then pick your favorites and use your personal palette in your home. You'll find that if you use colors that make you personally the most happy and content, colors you find soothing or lively, your home will truly seem like a place of refuge at the end of a long day.

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